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Surachhit Bhabishya Saving Account

Periodic saving

Surachhit Bhabishya Saving Account

"Surachhit Bhabishya Saving Account" is an long term deposit account which held different kind of beneficial scheme in each saving. Also You can get more deatils from this brochure as well;


monthly scheme 15 years saving amount 20 years saving amount settelment after 15years settelment after 20 years
Rs.500/- Rs.10000/- Rs.120000/- Rs.200000/- Rs.360000/-
Rs.1000/- Rs.180000/- Rs.240000/- Rs.400000/- Rs.720000/-
Rs.1500/- Rs.270000/- Rs.360000/- Rs.600000/- Rs.1080000/-
Rs.2000/- Rs.360000/- Rs.480000/- Rs.800000/- Rs.1440000/-
Rs.3000/- Rs.540000/- Rs.720000/- Rs.1200000/- Rs.2160000/-
Rs.5000/- Rs.900000/- Rs.1200000/- Rs.2000000/- Rs.3600000/-


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    • High interest rate
    • Good return on each scheme
    • minimum investment
    • Flexibility


    • Completely filled Personal Account Opening Form
    • Citizenship photocopy
    • Be a part of our share holder (Minimum balance starts with rs 1000 only)