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Sahuliyat Loan


Sahuliyat Loan

" Sahuliyat Loan " is especially desgine for easy, safe and fast approvial proceed loan for our member. In other word sahuliyat loan is OD LOAN (OVERDRAFET) .

Overdraft is a financial instrument in which the money can still be withdrawn from the current or savings account, even if the account balance goes below zero. It is a type of extension of monetary limit offered by Co-operative and that money is said to be ‘overdrawn’. An authorized overdraft limit is assigned for each customer depending on their relationship with the Co-operative. The customer can withdraw money up till the assigned limit.Co-operative do charge interest rate on the money withdrawn in form of overdraft.

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    • Customers are required to pay interest only on the utilised amount with the freedom to repay the amount anytime without pre-closure charges.
    • Competitive premium rate.
    • Fast approval process.
    • We provide only 14.75% of interest rate
    • Minimal paper work
    • flexible end use



    • The facility is offered at minimal documentation and easy-repay feature.
    • Citizenship photocopy
    •  passport size photograph
    • Loan application.