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terms of service

terms of service

  • Deposits :


" The co-operative will credit money paid into your Account in a currency we accept and in an amount equivalent to the cash deposit. We may charge you for certain methods of payments at rates which we will inform to you. The date the money is received as payment into your Account will depend on current market practice or as per our normal banking practice. "


" You represent and warrant that you have full legal title to such deposit and accept full responsibility for the authenticity, validity and correctness of signatures, endorsements and particulars appearing on the relevant Payment Instrument. "

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  • Withdrawals and payments:


We will only allow a Withdrawal from an Account where:

(a) If there are sufficient available funds in the Account for the Withdrawl (unless we decide, in our discretion, to allow an overdraft);

(b) We may set limits on transferring or withdrawl funds (for example, on the amount to be transferred or on how often you use the Service)

(c) We may not allow you to withdraw money from your Account if its closed or suspended.