• Thu, 09th Feb 2023

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Our Features




" IME Remittance " is in the business of remittance solutions specializing in the delivery of world class money transfer services to families and friends around the globe . A remittance product of "Sukrapath Multipurpose Cooperative Limited" is a premium,online,customer-focused Money Transfer Service designed to meet the need of customers to send/receive remittance from various places.

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    Competitive features and benefits of SUKRAPATH :


    • Convenient, affordable, and accessible remittance service to take pride in happy customers.
    • Safe, secure, reliable, and fast means of transfer.
    • Competitive prices and exchange rates to the customer.
    • Topmost network coverage all over the places with dedicated payout agents.
    • Get easily transfer your money with your sukrapath account as well.




    • Completely filled ime remittance sender/reciever Form
    • Citizenship photocopy
    • maxmimum amount to be maintained rs 100000 (one lakh only)